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Developers of Nano cryptocurrency have been sued

Organizers of the ICO are accused of negligence and violation of the law on securities.

10.Apr.18 12:08 AM
By Jeff Bannister


Developers of Nano cryptocurrency have been sued
The developers of Nano's cryptocurrency were sued. A class action lawsuit was filed by the law firm Silver Miller on the initiative of the American Alex Brol. According to the plaintiff, cryptocurrency developers violated the law on securities and did not take care of the safety of investors' interests by placing a cryptocurrency on the BitGrail platform on which the hacker attack was committed. As a result, scammers stole a $ 17 million cryptocurrency. BitGrail's cryptocurrency platform was launched in 2017 and operated without supervision.

According to the plaintiff, the organizer of the ICO was negligent without checking the stock exchange. Alex Brol believes that developers should conduct a second fork of the cryptocurrency to compensate for the losses. The plaintiff himself bought a December 10 cryptocurrency for 50 thousand dollars. However, he is only one of the investors. According to representatives of the company Silver Miller, there are hundreds of other holders of Nano cryptocurrency, in which the company plans to contact shortly to obtain compensation.

The law firm Silver Miller specializes in cases relating to cryptocurrency, it suits companies such as Tezos, Coinbase, BitConnect, Kraken, Monkey Capital, GigaWatt, and others.

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