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Demand in European Tours among Russians Increased in April

This is mostly due to stable ruble exchange rate.

11.May.15 2:28 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Demand in European Tours among Russians Increased in April
Many Russian tourists prefer opting for European countries when it comes to vacations. In April the level of demand in European tours has become 2 times higher in comparison with the previous month. Leading Russian your companies and operators note that this is mostly due to stable ruble exchange rate which makes it easier for Russians to travel to countries of the EU.

According to available information the level of advanced booking tours has also increased a lot. At the same time such destinations as Egypt and Turkey are among the most popular. They include about 70% of all tours sold. Greece is also among the mot preferable destinations.

In addition Bulgaria, Spain, Montenegro, Cyprus, Italy and Croatia are also in the top list of countries chosen by Russian tourists to spend vacation in. Cyprus and Montenegro can boast increased popularity by 43% and 35% respectively. It is also noted that Russian tourists start opting for less expensive tours.

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