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Danny Leaves Zenit

His contract with the club from St. Petersburg will expire next month.

29.May.15 12:27 PM
By Irina Klyachina
Photo Yandex


Danny Leaves Zenit
Zenit midfielder Miguel Danny will leave the club from St. Petersburg next month. His contract will be expired by that time.

Player explained his decision to leave the club during press-conference and added that he also has several perspective offers to continue his football career.

Answering questions of journalists Danny noted that he was not able to find the agreement with the managements of the club regarding his future career in Zenit. Nevertheless, Danny is very grateful to the club and all his team mates.
“Those were 7 great years full of victories and joy. That is why a leave the club rather happy with good reminiscences and proud of playing in Zenit. I am very grateful for everything Russia gave me throughout this time. I am also proud to spend the top of my career here. Those years were really fantastic. My children have been brought up here. This country will be in our hearts forever. But for now this stage of my life in Russia ends, Who knows, maybe one day my children will play for Zenit which is obviously a great club “.

Player whished all the best and lots of victories to Zenit and Russia as well. He thanked all those who supported him throughout those years. At the same time Danny stressed the main reason for leaving the club. It is absolutely natural thing for every team. He has already got 5-6offers from other clubs to continue his career. His last match for Zenit midfielder will play against Lokomotiv. He also confirmed the fact that made a tattoo with the image of St. Petersburg which is one of the greatest cities in the world.

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