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Daniil Kvyat Reaches the Highest Result in His F-1 Career

Russian racer took 4th place at Gran Prix Monaco.

25.May.15 10:39 AM
By Irina Klyachina
Photo Yandex


Daniil Kvyat Reaches the Highest Result in His F-1 Career
Russian F-1 racer Daniil Kvyat took the first place at yesterday’s Grand Prix Monaco. He represents Infiniti Red Bull Racing team. He is 21 years old. It should be noted that he reached the highest place yet in his career. Earlier Kvyat managed to rich 9th place.

Daniil said after the race that he was very satisfied with his result. It was the best F-1 finish for him. At the same time it is also a great result for the whole team. Racer managed to perform a good start as well as great control of his car during the whole race: “We risked a bit while letting Ricciardo overtake me after the pace car went off the track.
We thought it would let him get to the pedestal as his tactic involved supersoft tires which are faster”. Nevertheless, Ricciardo was not able to overtake that is why Denial gave his position back to Kvyat taking the 5th place in the race.

Niko Rosberg was the winner of Gran Prix Monaco for a third time in a row. He represents Mercedes team. Second place is for Sebatian Vettel representing Ferrari team. Louis Hamilton from Mercedes was third after not very successful tactics on track.

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