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Cybercriminals continue to hunt for crypto currency

This time, the digital currency of Verge suffered.

24.May.18 1:44 PM
By Shawn Highstraw


Cybercriminals continue to hunt for crypto currency
Representatives of law enforcement agencies all over the world are increasingly talking about the shift in interest of criminals towards the crypto currency. Attackers use modern technology in order to misappropriate other people's money. At the same time, the measures taken by the creators of Internet resources, designed to stop hackers, do not always work. For example, the digital currency Verge is not the first time a victim of cybercriminals.

Recall, an attack on the crypto-currency protocol was carried out a month ago, which allowed attackers to create Verge coins in total for millions of dollars. According to experts, the new hacking system turned out to be akin to the previous one: hackers even used the same malicious code. Experts argue that there are risks of another use by criminals of this method for the purpose of undue enrichment. Despite the fact that the developers have tried to eliminate the vulnerabilities, the existing mining algorithm is still at risk.

In connection with the sad news about Verge, analysts once again pay attention to the effectiveness of the bitcoin code: it has not yet been hacked to anyone, although over the past seven years many crypt investors and even large exchanges have suffered from the attacks.

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