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Curiosity rover transmitted rare Martian phenomenon photos

It's common on Earth though

13.Mar.23 7:47 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo NASA


Curiosity rover transmitted rare Martian phenomenon photos
The Curiosity rover has photographed cloud jets on Mars for the first time. That weather phenomenon occurs when the sun goes down and sun rays pierce through the clouds.

The rover took the pictures of the weather phenomenon on February 2nd. The US space agency NASA has now published the photos.

It was an accidental bycatch, as Curiosity was researching luminous night clouds on Mars. That phenomenon can sometimes also be seen on Earth at night when the sun illuminates clouds high in the atmosphere.

Cloud Rays have not been so clearly visible on Mars before, according to NASA. This required special weather conditions. Normally, clouds hover at an altitude of 60 kilometers above the Red Planet.

The new photos show that these clouds may have hung much higher. Due to the extreme cold at that altitude, the clouds probably consist of dry ice.

By looking at where and when clouds form, scientists can learn more about the composition and temperature of Mars ' atmosphere. They can also gain more knowledge about the origin of storms on the Red Planet.

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