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Cure for Cancer will be available in Russia in the nearest Future

The medication has successfully passed all tests.

06.Feb.15 11:43 AM
By Elena Tkachenko


Cure for Cancer will be available in Russia in the nearest Future
Russian scientists managed to develop the first domestic medication for cancer ever. This is the first time in Russian history when domestic treatment will be produced in order to help people who suffer from oncological diseases. According to preliminary information the cure will be on stock in the 3rd quarter of 2015.

New treatment has successfully past all necessary tests and examinations in Moscow and St. Petersburg clinics. Experts say that medication is able to meet all standards and requirements of the most expensive foreign analogs. It showed high results during examination performing descent level of safety and efficiency during the treatment course.
It should also be noted that new cure can be used to treat various types of oncologic disease including breast, lung, colon and ovarian cancer. At the same time specialists pay attention to the fact that new medication will make it possible to stop development of disease and block its progress preventing from occurrence of new tumors.

Price of medication will be 30%-40% lower in comparison with Swedish analog of the treatment which is widely used worldwide at the moment.


Cancer is malignant tumor which appears in epithelial cells of the skin as well as in mucosal and parenchymal organs. Sometimes the term “cancer” is also used to determine other types of malignant tumors.

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