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Cryptomillionaire predicted that Ethereum would win bitcoin

The first cryptocurrency will be put down in 2018.

31.May.18 10:46 PM
By Norman E. Cardoza


Cryptomillionaire predicted that Ethereum would win bitcoin
Roger Ver, the famous crypto millionaire and a fan of Bitcoin Cash, predicted (not the first time) the fate of the first cryptocurrency.

According to Vera, the bitcoin protocol contains too many defects that will eventually play against the first digital currency and significantly reduce investor interest.

"There are more than 1600 crypto-currencies in the world. Many of them are more reliable and efficient than bitcoins, "says Roger Ver. - Ethereum will inevitably overtake bitcoin. This may happen by the end of 2018 ".

Besides, by 2020, Bitcoin Cash will become one of the leaders among the cryptocurrency, Roger Ver believes.

Earlier, the founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanyan expressed a similar position, suggesting that in 2018 the cost of Ethereum will grow to 15 thousand dollars.

Olaf Carlson-Wi, one of the heads of the Polychain Capital hedge fund, agrees with colleagues. Carlson-Wee believes that the ecosystem of Ethereum develops an order of magnitude faster and is much more interesting for developers.

The protection of bitcoin was raised by a representative of Mangrove Capital Michael Jackson. In his opinion, the problems of bitcoin are entirely solvable, and the first cryptocurrency will become a backup on the digital market.

On the eve of the fate of bitcoin, Nobel laureate Robert Schiller also predicted. True, his forecast is much more optimistic: the economist gives the first cryptocurrency 100 more years.

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