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Cryptocurrency Verge is speculating on Amazon

Rumors about Amazon's secret partnership increased the rate of cryptocurrency.

03.Apr.18 3:24 AM
By Jeff Bannister


Cryptocurrency Verge is speculating on Amazon
The Verge began to grow against the background of information about the "secret partnership" of the company with the trading platform Amazon. In just one day the cost of the coin Verge (XVG) increased by 17.77%. The news about Amazon and Verge's cooperation was to appear on April 16. The developers of crypto-hints hint at the fact that the Verge project will become a potential partner of the crypto-currency company. Last week the cost of cryptocurrency against the background of this news increased by 12%.

However, the representatives of the trading platform Amazon refrain from commenting. Information hype is one of the methods used by the organizers of the ICO to attract attention to projects and increase the growth of the value of the token. Often the victims of such manipulations are large companies. Last week, a similar incident occurred with the German automaker BMW, who was named a partner of the CarVertical cryptocurrency project.

Representatives of the automobile giant published an official statement that between the projects there is contractual cooperation, but not partnership relations. Nevertheless, CarVertical managers refused to make changes in the information. Earlier, the same scheme was used to advertise Russian crypto-currency RusGas, which was given out for the official coin - the crypto rouble issue of which is planned for 2019.

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