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Cryptocurrency vacancies double in the last 6 months

It is no secret that the crypto world is thriving.

24.Sep.17 1:05 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Cryptocurrency vacancies double in the last 6 months

A recent report from AngelList, the publication of online vacancies in cryptocurrency related areas have increased exponentially, as companies are looking for new talents to help meet the needs of a growing market.

The report indicates that in the first half of 2017, more funds were invested in the launch of the cryptocurrency than in 2016. The increasing number of startups has also coincided with the increase in the number of posts about the vacancies on the AngelList platform.

The report says that there are reasons to join the accounting of cryptocurrency. First, in AngelList, non-technical and technical cryptocurrency jobs pay an average of 10-20 percent more than the industry standard. In addition, they offer better benefits.

Secondly, cryptocurrency companies have much more flexible remote working privileges. In fact, in companies with cryptocurrencies, employees are 22% more likely to have distant working freedom.

Third, cryptocurrency companies, and especially ICO, offer much higher liquidity opportunities. Typical positions in the capital require liquidity events for sale and have complex limitations. ICOs usually offer coin employees as part of the shares. Although these coins may still have some limitations, they are much more liquid than options.

It is reported that the site has 2500 additional positions for technical capabilities and more than 1,000 other non-technical positions. In addition, instead of searching for those who have significant technical awareness, companies are looking for employees who want to learn.

In general, the report shows that the cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly and will continue to grow as the market continues to use revolutionary new technology.

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