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At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Launch New Satoshi Cycles

In recent months, the number of hedge funds with investments in crypto currency has increased dramatically.

03.Sep.17 11:25 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Launch New Satoshi Cycles

Reports on 70 new hedge funds with crypto-currency positions led to a rapid growth of investors.

This number continues to grow, increasing the availability of institutional investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A recent report shows that this trend continues as investors seek higher returns from hedge funds, as recent revenues from these funds were lower than the indexed S & P 500.

The increase in the participation of hedge funds coincided with a significant increase in the Bitcoin price, reaching about $ 5,000 in recent trading. This jump, predicted by many industry insiders, was caused by an increase in main participation in bitcoin and other crypto-conversions.

The transition from growth to acceptance to greater growth (called the "Satoshi cycle") made many see how Bitcoin goes to new heights next year.

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