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Cryptocurrency Cardano introduced new specifications

Their goal is to increase the efficiency and reliability of transactions.

13.May.18 6:17 AM
By Anna Bezrukova


Cryptocurrency Cardano introduced new specifications
In May 2018, Cardano attracted the attention of Internet media, covering the subject of cryptocurrencies, with their technical innovations.

Also, this unpopular digital currency is beginning to spread actively around the world, attracting investors' interest. Recently, the company's developers have released a technical update Sebastian, thanks to which wallets have become even better and safer. And recently the project team announced a formal specification of purses. Moreover, representatives of the company claim that previously no such specifications were received by any cryptocurrency.

Note that for any cryptocurrency area, the purse is an essential element. Wallets require detailed design, as they interact with the block-register to track the movements of funds belonging to a particular user. Also, thanks to them, new transactions are created and confirmed.

As noted by the developers of Cardano, the company pays particular attention to the quality of the wallet. This is especially necessary when the number of transfers is constantly increasing, experts stressed.

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