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Crypto-scammers lured victims, using the names of celebrities

Scammers tried to cash in on gullible investors.

17.May.18 5:08 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Crypto-scammers lured victims, using the names of celebrities
In the United States exposed intruders who tried to make money on gullible citizens. Scammers have created a crypto-currency company to attract private investment. At the same time, according to them, participants of this scheme would not have to risk their money, because they are guaranteed to make a profit.

Since the above arguments were not enough for the scammers, they decided to enlist the support of celebrities. In their promo materials, they assured that their podedzhivaet, for example, the actress Jennifer Aniston and even the British prince Charles. Of course, this information was fiction.

After the authorities became interested in businessmen, they tried to evade responsibility, replacing the names of famous people with fictitious ones. However, these actions did not go unnoticed. The Texas Security Council has already accused crypto fraudsters of spreading false information, as well as misleading investors. The agency ordered scammers to immediately cease the sale of unregistered securities in the state.

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