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Crypto-Powered distributed storage startup was led by the former CEO of Docker

Decentralized data storage startup Storj is hoping to increase its growth by hiring a new executive chairman and interim CEO.

12.Mar.18 3:22 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Crypto-Powered distributed storage startup was led by the former CEO of Docker

The new appointment, Ben Golub, the former CEO of the open source software company Docker, will be watching Storj as it continues to expand its services, said founder Shawn Wilkinson.

Wilkinson called Golub a "dream candidate" because of his past experience of creating companies with open source, in particular.

Storj, which was founded in 2014, now has 90,000 "farmer" sites in 200 countries, with 69,000 registered users and over 240 million transactions per month.

The creation of a decentralized data storage platform is "incredibly important," Golub said, adding: "it was natural for me to worry about Storj from a technological point of view - an open source, decentralized repository."

Golub said that he joined Storj not only for the opportunity he saw when working with a decentralized open source platform, but because he believes that the team is capable of "becoming a world-class organization."

Discussing the current regulatory uncertainty associated with the ICOs, he said that companies should "do the right thing" in order to reduce the need for strict rules in the space.

Golub also noted Storj's decision to lock up 245 million tokens within six months as part of the move to improving clarity about the company's timing and improving the stability of its value.

The Storj’s token is currently worth $ 1.13, according to CoinMarketCap, and has a market capitalization of about $ 150 million.

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