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Crypto-investors faced the problem of paying rounds with bitcoins

The tourist company that accepted the crypto currency suddenly refused such payments.

28.Jun.18 6:34 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Crypto-investors faced the problem of paying rounds with bitcoins
The share of companies that accept crypto-currency as payment for their goods and services is steadily growing: firms want to attract as many customers as possible. So, virtual money can be paid for food and medicine, cosmetology services and car rental. Also digital assets for four years could be used to book hotels and flights. However, the company that hosted the bitcoins suddenly became their opponent.

As it became known, one of the largest services for travelers Expedia suddenly ceased to accept crypto currency. The company did not explain the reasons for this decision. Clients who want to book a tour and pay by bitcoins do not understand what influenced the adoption of such measures.
It is worth noting that many people want to pay off the crypto currency, not because they follow fashion trends, but because they receive salaries in bitcoins. Today, more and more enterprises in the technical sphere are using digital assets to pay for their employees.

Until recently, Expedia differed from most similar services in that it accepted crypto currency. Now this exclusive service has been left in the past, and it is difficult to assume whether the company will resume deals with bitcoins.

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