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Crypto-instruments will fight money laundering with Europol

The community will confront criminals, with the support of the authorities.

22.Jun.18 1:55 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Crypto-instruments will fight money laundering with Europol
Negative attitude of many officials to crypto-currencies is connected not only with their volatility. Representatives of the authorities are alarmed that digital assets are increasingly being used by criminals to launder money acquired illegally. The authorities of a number of countries even urged the world's crypto-exchange community to provide law enforcement assistance in the fight against money laundering with the help of virtual money.

About sixteen large crypto-currency exchanges and operators went to meet Europol, combining efforts in countering the laundering of criminal proceeds. On how exactly the interaction will be carried out, the partners will agree in the framework of the conference held in The Hague.
At the moment it is known that like-minded people will monitor and identify "recipients" of crypto-currencies. Also in the long term, a register of addresses can be created that can be blocked by the authorities so that service providers do not assist their owners in exchanging digital assets for fiat money.

It is assumed that the participation of Europol will allow to establish all the facts of money laundering as quickly as possible and to find criminals hot on the trail.

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