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Criticism of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett brought down the bitcoin rate

Sharp statements brought down the rate of bitcoin by 9%.

08.May.18 9:33 PM
By Jeff Bannister


Criticism of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett brought down the bitcoin rate

Cost bitcoin fell sharply after criticism of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The other day the bitcoin rate reached $ 10,000. For a day, the value of "digital gold" fell by 9% after a sharp statement by the head of Microsoft on CNBC to bitcoin. 

He called the cryptocurrency the most insane and speculative tool in the world and a demonstration of the theory of a fool in its pure form. This theory is based on the statement that you can earn a fortune by buying and reselling securities after a certain period, regardless of their quality. It should be noted that Bill Gates has already changed his attitude to crypto-currencies several times. So in November 2014, he called bitcoin the most innovative solution in the Internet payment market. Since then, his views have changed radically, although he continues to respond positively to the technology of blockсhain. 

On the eve of the well-known investor, Warren Buffett called bitcoin "rat poison in the square." Sharp remarks are connected with the lack of financial security of crypto-currencies, which is mostly absent. However, in Singapore, the first bitcoins-banknotes were issued, which may change Bill Gates's opinion once again.

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