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Crisis: Russians spend on food more than half of their income

Previously this was not the situation was somewhat different.

19.Apr.16 7:43 AM
By Abigail Richards


Crisis: Russians spend on food more than half of their income
According to experts of the Institute for social analysis and prediction Ranepa under the RF President, conducted the monthly monitoring of socio-economic status and well-being of Russian citizens, Russians for the first time in years to spend on food more than half of income. And, according to experts, earlier the situation was different.

During the monitoring and analysis of data, experts came to the conclusion that the share of food products in retail trade turnover of the Russian Federation for the first time in eight years exceeded the share of non-food products. The analysis showed that Russians were more likely to refuse the goods not the first necessity and spend more than half their income on food.

According to analysts, in February this year on food, alcohol and tobacco products fell more than fifty percent of expenditure of Russian citizens. A similar situation, according to experts, was observed during the last crisis in 2008-2009, when the share of food was 49.6% of retail turnover.

As for the reason for this, it one is the continued reduction in real incomes.

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