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Criminals burn cars in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Burning maniacs are back in town: more cars are damaged.

27.Aug.14 12:57 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Criminals burn cars in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Ford Focus has been burnt on the 23rd of August in Sormovsky district by unknown criminals. This is not the first occasion of such action.

The auto has been burnt at 1 a.m. It was parked on Soyuzny prospect. Several cars were parked there. However criminals decided to choose Ford Focus. The car has been severely damaged and cannot be restored. More than 3 square meters of the vehicle have been burnt.

It seems like burning maniacs are back in town. Such occasions have become more frequent. Criminals burn not only cars but also buses. They act at night when owners of the vehicles are sleeping and do not have the foggiest idea what is going to happen with their property. As a result three autos have been burnt at the beginning of the previous week in Avtozavodskoy district. More than 8 square meters were damaged. Moreover Mercedes Benz has been destroyed by fire on the 14th of August in Moskovsky district.

This is not the full list of all crimes that were committed by burning maniacs. They have destroyed a bus on the 7th of August in Avtozavodskoy district along with Hyundai Santa Fe and VAZ-2117. The same fate was waiting for Nissan Juke. 8 autos have been burnt that night in Nizhny Novgorod. Such statistics is really frightening.

Police are looking into these crimes.

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