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Crimea is fully provided with Russian gas

The peninsula earn power station on the blue fuel.

14.Feb.17 2:50 AM
By Catherine Brooke


Crimea is fully provided with Russian gas
Recently it became known that the Republic of Crimea is fully guaranteed by the Russian gas. Over the last month on the Peninsula through the new pipeline has received about 90 million cubic meters of gas, which covered the needs of not only ordinary consumers but also the application of industrial facilities.

Recall, the gas pipeline was launched on December 27 last year: the builders have handed over an object for three months ahead of schedule.

It should be noted that the gas in the Crimea is needed not only for home heating, cooking and work of industrial enterprises. It is expected that natural gas will need, and two thermal power plants - they will be launched in Simferopol and Sevastopol by September 2017. According to experts, the total capacity of the two objects at the start will be 940 MW. Somewhat later, two more will be launched with a similar power unit operation.

Naturally, the gas flows after this increase, but the system is ready for this. When on the peninsula will earn the new power plant, Russian subject completely free of energy dependence of Ukraine.

In this gasification of the republic will continue: on the peninsula will be built new gas network infrastructure updated. In addition, the gas will hold in the remote areas of the peninsula.

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