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Creator of Voice reality Show Invited Putin to Take Part in Shooting

The show won’t touch political topics.

25.Jun.15 2:56 PM
By Abigail Richards


Creator of Voice reality Show Invited Putin to Take Part in Shooting
Mark Barnett is popular musical producer and creator of Voice reality show. He is planning to launch another show and invited president of Russian federation to take part in it.

According to available information Barnett wants to shoot another reality show which will tell the audience about real life or world’s leading figures. President of Russian federation Vladimir Putin is the first in the list of producer. Fidel Castro will be the second to be invited.

Barnett assured the press that new show won’t have any connection with army and politics. His main aim is to focus on people, nature and animals. In other words producer is mainly interested in everyday life of world’s most influential leaders but not their political activity.

Most analytics say that in case this show is not connected with politics and wars, it will certainly become extremely popular with high ratings.

At the same time it is still unknown whether Putin accepted Barnett’s invitation or not.

Mar Barnett is a popular British TV and musical producer. He is known as the king of competitive reality shows. He has released numerous programs on US television including the most popular Survivor and The Apprentice.

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