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Craig Wright: Kleiman's heirs could sell 2 billion dollars of BTC

Two billion dollars, which could come from the sale of 200,000 coins on the market may be a serious issue.

30.Aug.19 4:40 PM
By Shawn Highstraw


Craig Wright: Kleiman's heirs could sell 2 billion dollars of BTC
The price of Bitcoin (BTC) could be overwhelmed by a wave of volatility: the compensation ordered to Craig Wright for the Kleiman case involves a tax of 2 billion dollars, which could come from the sale of 200,000 coins on the market.

Wright, accused of stealing $ 10 billion from former business partner Dave Kleiman, must now pay his widow Ira half that amount, or 500,000 BTC. The payment, ordered by magistrate Bruce Reinhart, provides for a 40% tax, which must be paid by Kleiman's heirs.

Although the Australian said it would not sell $ 5 billion in BTC on the market, as it could lead to a slump, the source of the other $ 2 billion is not yet known. The alternative, which he did not rule out during an interview with the fintech magazine Modern Consensus, would be that Ira Kleiman pay the tax in cash.

"Whoa! The property tax is 40%. Unless Ira has $ 2 billion in cash, he will have to download 2 million BTC to pay taxes, "the interviewer exclaimed. Wright limited himself to answering with a short and vague "Already ...".

The sentence concludes a debate that has been going on for years now, and that has involved an increasing number of third parties far from Wright and his entourage.

Faced with multiple accusations of fraud on social media, Wright has even begun to sue those who do not recognize him as the "creator" of Bitcoin. Those lawsuits have come to nothing, while this week most of those who publicly supported Wright's initial statements seem to have disappeared. Only Calvin Ayre, one of the main supporters of Bitcoin SV (BSV), the Wright-backed high-spirit continued to claim that the entrepreneur was actually Satoshi Nakamoto.

"The judge ruled that Craig and Dave are Satoshi. This is not entirely accurate, but it is enough to refer to Craig as Satoshi, "he wrote on Twitter.

The comment was immediately condemned by a large number of responses. Particularly harsh was the replica of British entrepreneur Alistair Milne:

"The American court did NOTestablish that Wright / Kleiman were Satoshi Nakamoto. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool or a liar."

Citing the testimony of Kleiman, Katie Ananina wrote in summary of the process:

"Now I can finally say #craigwrightisafraud without problems. It was said in a federal court. "

According to Ananina, Wright also stated that he would be able to prove that he had access to Nakamoto's private keys by January 2020, but the request was rejected by the judge.

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