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COVID-19 reporting app is now compatible with older iPhones

iPhones dated back to 2013 are now able to perform proximity checks

25.Feb.21 10:01 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo NH


COVID-19 reporting app is now compatible with older iPhones
The corona app from the Dutch Ministry of Health can now also be used on older iPhones. An update from Wednesday makes the app compatible with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.

The fact that the CoronaMelder app does not work on older iPhones was one of the restrictions when the app was launched nationwide in October.

The app relies on a Google and Apple framework that was initially only available on iPhones with version 13.5 of iOS, the operating system of iPhones.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 do not support iOS 13, but Apple released iOS 12.5 in December. This gave the smartphones support, although developers of corona apps still had to make adjustments.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 were released in 2013 and 2014. The CoronaMelder was already available on relatively older Android smartphones, as the framework already works on phones running Android 6. This version of the software was released in 2015.

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