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Contour plastic with gels

Safe and effective procedure.

07.Aug.17 12:03 PM
By Abigail Richards


Contour plastic with gels
Injections of gels for the skin, such as buy activegel, are actively used in plastic surgery to solve many cosmetic procedures. As practice shows, most often gels are used to "remove" wrinkles, scars after acne and acne, to fill the contours in the area of ​​the lips, cheeks, chin. In fact, there are a lot of options for using filler gels.

Gels for this type of facial plastic are injected by a specialist under the skin, due to which it is possible to add the desired volume to the areas of the face.

The contour plastic surgery is performed only by a plastic surgeon and only in a specialized room. During the operation, a mild anesthetic or local anesthetic can be used. The operation, as the experience of plastic surgeons, can last from ten minutes to one hour. At the same time, within 5-10 minutes after the procedure a person can return to his usual life, there will be no inconvenience.

Discomfort during and after the procedure, as a rule, reduces to zero. It can be eliminated using ice packs or light anesthetic medications.

Plastic surgeons note that the results of the operation are immediately visible, and after a few hours they improve.

The positive effect of the procedure lasts up to 12 months, and there are cases when the effect lasts longer, up to two years, depending on which specialist the procedure was performed and what gel-filler was used.

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