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At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

“Context. Diana Vishneva” Festival was fulfilled with Movies about Dancing

4 movies will be shown in Russia for the first time ever.

27.Nov.14 3:33 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina


“Context. Diana Vishneva” Festival was fulfilled with Movies about Dancing
2nd annual “Context. Diana Vishneva” International Dancing Festival has been opened in Moscow. This event combines dancing and theatre. In accordance with information available on the official website of the festival it will be featured by creative international platform and unique stage for young and talented dancers and choreographers.

The festival will last for three days. It is arranged in Center of Documentary Movie. Leading collectives and troupes will show their unforgettable performances along with professional classes of dancing and play. Public talk and round tables will be also available for all visitors of this great festival.

The event started with a documentary film that is called “Ballet Boys”. It was shot in Norway in 2014. The movie tells us a story about three teenagers who are eager to become stars of ballet dancing. However this is going to be a very hard challenge for all of them. Boy will have to cope with all their ups and downs; they will meet their first loves and happiness. What would one of them do if he got a chance to start huge career and leave the rest of his friends?

The main event of the festival is performance of Diana Vishneva and Marcelo Gomes. This is going to be the first common work of the famous ballet dancer and choreographer.

Legendary Maya Plisetskaya will be in charge of Board of Trustees.

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