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Construction technology: Dubai will build a rotating skyscraper

The project should be implemented by 2020.

20.Feb.17 9:20 PM
By Natalia Klyachina
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Construction technology: Dubai will build a rotating skyscraper

In Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, will build a rotating skyscraper. This project was presented almost 10 years ago in 2006. But before the stage never came. But now the project has again appeared. It is known that the construction should be completed in 2020. Only 3 years left with builders to create a unique building.

The project is called The Dynamic Tower. The question of when the construction starts remains: the answer to it yet. The building will consist of 80 floors and a total height of 420 meters. It will be built apartments, each of which will rotate 360 degrees, regardless of "neighbors". Ie the owners of the apartment using voice commands can manage your housing.

The owners of such rotating squares will be the opportunity to set the apartment on the rotation for the sunshine. The cost of pleasure living in this apartment will be $ 30 million. This sum will be required for those who want to buy an apartment.

The Dynamic Tower will be the first building of its kind. The experts have already given the status of unique buildings 4D-skyscraper.

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