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Connection with Russian biological satellite has been lost

The satellite has gone out of order during the first few days of flight.

29.Jul.14 12:56 PM
By Mikhail Prygunov


Connection with Russian biological satellite has been lost
Flight Control Center is not able to get in touch with “Foton-M” research satellite that has been launched on the 19th of June from Baykanur spaceport. This satellite went out of order during the first days of its flight. This information has been provided by Flight Control Center media office. Connection has been lost right after satellite has been brought to the orbit.

Telemetry is still incoming from the satellite. However it is not able to receive commands. Experts say that it is still possible to establish proper operation. On the other hand all the researches are out at risk by such situation. One of the creators of the satellite says that if there is no connection with it for some time, it will start to replace all devices and equipment automatically.  

The main idea of research was to grow crystals-semiconductors in weightlessness. There are lot of other microorganisms on this satellite including silkworm eggs and Drosophila fly.

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