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Condoms Price will increase due to low Ruble Exchange Rate

Producers have already increased their prices by 15%.

15.Dec.14 2:01 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Condoms Price will increase due to low Ruble Exchange Rate
Low ruble exchange rate continues resulting in price increase. Condoms are not an exception. Russian producers of condoms have already increased their prices by 15%. Such statement has been made by the Director of non-commercial partnership called “Pharmacy Guild”.

Elena Nevolina said that the price growth resulted mainly in the increase of raw material prices. Russia does not have its own raw materials for producing condoms. That is why manufacturers by them from abroad. Moreover Nevolina noted that condom prices will keep growing during the next year.

It should be noted that the majority of condoms which are sold on the territory of Russia are produced mainly by British brands. There are two factories in Russian Federation which produce their own condoms. They are located in Armavir and Serpukhov.

Experts say that several foreign producers have announced about their price increase after the exchange rate of ruble started to go down. In accordance with information provided by EVENTS76.RU, pricem of all Apple products including smartphones, laptops and tablets has increased by the end of the previous month. IKEA representatives in Russia have also reported about the fact that prices will be changed in the nearest future. The price growth will also take place in McDonald’s restaurants.

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