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Competitors ask to investigate Microsoft Team bundling

Slack and Zoom are likely loosing money solely because of Team being part of the Office suite, not because of quality of the competitor software

11.Oct.21 10:54 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Slack


Competitors ask to investigate Microsoft Team bundling
The European Commission (EC) will prepare a investigation on the market position of the chat service Microsoft Teams.

The investigation would be prepared following a complaint from Slack. It filed a complaint last year about Teams. Slack claims that Microsoft has made its chat service illegally part of the Office package, so Microsoft customers can't get out of it.

Special questionnaire has been developed. It would be sent to competitor companies such as Slack and Zoom. The lists ask, among other things, whether the bundling of Teams with the Office software package will be of great benefit to Microsoft.

Also, the EC of Microsoft's competitors wants to know how many of their users have switched to Teams since the launch of the chat service in 2017.

The Commission itself has not yet said anything about an investigation into the alleged unfair monopoly position of Teams.

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