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College Graduates Will No longer Have Privileges When Entering Russian Universities

Passing Unified State Exam will be obligatory for everyone.

06.Jul.15 11:54 AM
By Elena Tkachenko


College Graduates Will No longer Have Privileges When Entering Russian Universities
College graduates will no longer have privileges when entering higher educational establishments. They will have to follow the procedure on regular basis. The Head of Russian Ministry of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov the biggest part of pupils enters colleges only with the aim of getting additional privileges and benefit from simpler program of university qualifying but not to obtain a desired occupation.

Livanov stated that such situation is inappropriate. That is why the Ministry will eliminate all privileges for college graduates. It means that they will have to follow regular procedure of entering higher educational establishments which also includes passing Unified State Exam.

It should be noted that at the moment all college graduates are not obliged taking Unified State Exam in order to enter higher university. Moreover they and benefit from shorter educational program as some results are counted from former establishments.

It is still unknown whether a shorter educational program will also be eliminated. Livanov did not commented this question. However, this privilege is very unlikely to be terminated.

At the same time the Head of the Ministry also said that procedure of taking Unified State Exam will be changed a bit. Multiple choice section will be canceled.

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