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Coinbase will launch block trading in cryptocurrencies

Block trading will attract investors.

03.May.18 10:29 PM
By Jeff Bannister


Coinbase will launch block trading in cryptocurrencies
The most significant currency exchange Coinbase plans shortly to launch block trading of digital coins. This was reported by Business Insider. The GDAX tool is aimed at large customers. The function of block trading will allow placing orders for large amounts outside of the usual stock exchanges.

Thus, Coinbase will solve one of the leading problems of cryptocurrency - it will avoid volatility and attract large institutional traders.

The main reason for the high volatility of the cryptocurrency is usually large traders who periodically get rid of their coins to reduce the price. GDAX will solve this problem by the fact that all block transactions will take place outside of the first registry. Also, all operations will be placed in a deferred cycle. Thus, the company will ensure high liquidity of the currency as an asset. Also, Coinbase plans to open an office in Chicago and engage in venture development of cryptocurrency start-ups.

However, Coinbase is not a pioneer in the block trading of crypto-currencies. Previously, such practice was decided to introduce the brothers Winklevoss on its stock exchange Gemini.

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