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Coinbase and Gemini vs Ripple

Ripple's tokens are comparable to securities.

08.Apr.18 3:37 AM
By Jeff Bannister


Coinbase and Gemini vs Ripple
The most significant US crypto exchange is refusing to support Ripple. This is reported by the publication Bloomberg. We are talking about two crypto-currency services Coinbase and Gemini, which refuse to list XRP / USD. And the startup for the addition of Ripple offered the leadership of the Gemini exchange 1 million dollars, but the brothers Winklevoss refused flatly.

A similar situation occurred with the Coinbase exchange. In the autumn, Ripple was ready to open a $ 100 million loan that could be returned, either in crypto-monets or in dollars, when the value of the asset would increase. Coinbase refused such an offer.

The thing is that Ripple falls under the definition of securities. Ripple's management seeks to turn its cryptocurrency into the most liquid asset so that global payments can be made. However, the most significant platforms refuse to cooperate with the startup. One of the reasons for this situation is that initially Ripple was invented as a technology for the banking sector. The Altcoins XRP were emitted in a certain amount, and this sharply differs from conventional crypto-currencies. Ripple is actively implementing the most significant financial organizations and trading platforms, but crypto-exchange markets are not in a hurry to do so.

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