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Coinbase acquired the Paradex exchange and rebranded the GDAX platform

The largest American cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced the rebranding of the GDAX platform, as well as the purchase of a decentralized exchange Paradex.

24.May.18 7:37 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Coinbase acquired the Paradex exchange and rebranded the GDAX platform
The website of the corporation contains information that the GDAX site has changed its name and will now be called Coinbase Pro, and it is also announced that it will change its orientation and will now serve individual crypto-currency investors, the news portal reports.

All existing content information, which includes payment history and information about GDAX customer accounts, will be displayed in full on Coinbase Pro after a while. Among the new features of the upgraded resource, there is a more simple functionality for user interaction, as well as optimization of the fund management process, improved graphics and the addition of the My Wallets function, which will help the platform clients manage their financial portfolios.

Customers of the new rebranding platform were informed that for some time the interdependent platforms of GDAX and Coinbase Pro would conduct operations in parallel. From June 30, the entire customer base will be transferred to the Coinbase Pro site.

In parallel with this information, Coinbase announces the purchase of Paradex, a decentralized exchange developed from the 0x protocol, which will now be available to customers not only from America, but also allow its customers to conduct crypto operations with ERC20 tokens. It is worth recalling that not so long ago the exchange Coinbase announced new software developments for working with institutional investors.

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