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Coco Chanel was accused of having links with the Nazi intelligence

She was a German intelligence agent, but could not know about it.

17.Mar.16 11:52 AM
By Abigail Richards
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Coco Chanel was accused of having links with the Nazi intelligence
Specialists have recently declassified documents of the French secret services, in which it was stated that Madame Coco Chanel was an agent of German intelligence, but the researchers say that Madame Chanel and could not know about it.

According to experts, in the dossier on the Coco Chanel has an anonymous source in Madrid to the French resistance, which refers to the fact that Chanel, which is always considered to be "suspicious", in 1942-1943 was the mistress and agent Baron Gunther von Dinklage, who worked Attache the German Embassy and the suspect in propaganda and intelligence activities. It also became known that the German intelligence Coco Chanel has registered it as his agent. This indicates the fact that Chanel herself may not be aware of the fact that it is officially recorded in the ranks of German intelligence.

Historians say it could be a source of information or carry out some work for the Germans, which was helpful in the war. It should be said that before Coco Chanel already suspected and accused in such a rather large number of spy missions, and now it is confirmed in the documents there are a lot of interesting information on the subject.

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