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Coca-Cola Light Will Leave Russian Market

It will be replaced by another low-calorie drink called Zero.

26.May.15 8:39 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


Coca-Cola Light Will Leave Russian Market
Official representatives of the Coca-Cola Company as well as several large retailers have stated that production of low-calorie Coca-Cola Light has been stopped in Russia. This is due to the fact that the sales level of drink is extremely low in the majority of shops around the country.

According to available information Coca-Cola is planning to promote its new low-calorie drink called Zero on the Russian market. Apart from Coca-Cola Light the level of sales of new beverage is expected to reach 10% of all Coca-Cola sales while Light share was only 2%.

It is known that new drink from Coca-Cola is available for Russian consumers for several days already. It waits till all Coca-Cola Light drinks will be sold out. New Zero has already been tested by volunteers during researches. 75% of respondents said that it tastes practically the same as ordinary Coca-Cola drink.

It should be noted that Coca-Cola Light production was launched in 1982 in the United States. The drink became available for Russian consumers in 2000.

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