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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Coal seam gas mining legally challenged

That is the first precedent in Australia when a Queensland group also known as Western Downs Alliance (WDA) legally challenged Australian Environment Minister Greg Huntís decision.

21.Jun.16 6:04 AM
By Vladimir Vasiliev


Coal seam gas mining legally challenged

The project is to provide gas supplies to Santosís LNG plant. That is about 1 million hectares land in Surat-Bowen basin.
WDA challenged Ministerís project approval in the Federal Court of Australia and said that the decision contradict the Australian environment law. The court is going to scrutinize if it was previously considered that large amounts of water are due to be dumped into the Dawson river.
WDA supposes that the plan will course Great Artesian basin environment disaster. While the project implementing more than 200 billion cubic meters of water must be extracted and 22 billion cubic meters of salty water dumped.
That is the most important thing that canít be underestimated, WDAís representative said. Water resources, being nationally significant, must not be put at danger. That is the statement which is going to be verified by the Australian Federal Court.

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