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Co-founder of Twitter believes that in 10 years there will be only one cryptocurrency

In his opinion, this will be bitcoin.

22.Mar.18 1:53 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


Co-founder of Twitter believes that in 10 years there will be only one cryptocurrency
Co-founder of the social network Twitter Jack Dorsey talked about his predictions of the Crypto-currency. As The Times writes, he believes that soon there will be only bitcoin "alive" in the future. According to Dorsey, this will happen in the next decade.

"The world will eventually have a single currency, and the Internet will have a single currency. Personally, I believe that this will be bitcoin ... probably in ten years, but it can be faster, "- said the co-founder of" Twitter. "

He, however, admits that it is not yet possible to consider bitcoin a means of payment, primarily because of slow and expensive transactions. But Dorsey is confident that this problem can be solved, so he invests in projects that develop the Lighting Network.

The earlier information appeared that Twitter could prohibit advertising ICO, tokens and crypto-currency wallets from the following month, but there was no official confirmation yet.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency advertising is already banned on Facebook and Instagram, and Google will follow their example in June. The above companies are confident that in this way they protect users from unnecessary risks.

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