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Citizens of Nizhny Novgorod adopted 2 500 Orphans over the last 8 Years

Russian families adopt 1 500 orphans annually.

23.Mar.15 5:29 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Citizens of Nizhny Novgorod adopted 2 500 Orphans over the last 8 Years
Citizens of Nizhny Novgorod have adopted more than 2 500 orphans over the last 8 years. There are 1 635 kids in local orphanages at the moment. Families are able to adopt them anytime they want. Such information was officially provided by representatives of Education Ministry in Nizhny Novgorod region.

According to this information special social advertising campaign will be launched starting from May 18th, 2015. This campaign is aimed to attract as many families as possible for adoption. Local authorities will spread special brochures dedicated to 15 different children under 5 who are looking forward to their new parents and homes.

It should also be noted that such campaigns have already proved to be rather efficient. They also have a great impact on development of proper upbringing of orphans. As a result Russian families adopt about 1 500 orphans annually.

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