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Citizens of Nizhny Novgorod have to ask neighbors’ permission before renting apartments

New bill will be introduced in the nearest future.

16.Sep.14 11:49 AM
By Elena Tkachenko


Citizens of Nizhny Novgorod have to ask neighbors’ permission before renting apartments

Deputy of State Duma Vitaly Zolochevsky who also represents LDPR political party has introduced a new bill which prohibits renting apartment without permission of neighbors. In other words owner of flat should ask their permission first before renting apartment. This includes all types of living real estate. Owners should collect enough signatures in order to get necessary permission.

The main attention has been paid to people with pets, especially dogs. The official is sure that this can lead to horrible consequences and even mental traumas which will certainly result in negative consequences. Other society groups can also cause different problems and inconveniences. That is why State Deputy is certain that his bill will turn out to be a perfect solution to this problem.

We should also mention that if this bill is accepted, this will also lead to changes in the Civil Code of Russian federation. It will also mean new order of renting real estate. As a result Russians will not even be able to sell their flats without permission of neighbors. This is due to the fact that buyers can also be a threat.

By the way, Vitally Zolochevsky was the one who offered to create “family estates” in Russia.

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