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Cinema for Homeless Will Appear in Moscow

It appeared that Russians who were left without a permanent place of living enjoy memories about their past life watching Soviet classics.

17.Jul.15 3:53 PM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


Cinema for Homeless Will Appear in Moscow
Unusual social experiment is planned in Moscow. Free cinema screening will be arranged for homeless people. The event will take place on Sunday. It will be located in the spot of the first aid and social support next to Krasnoselskaya station.

The idea is to show classical Soviet comedies, which are full of positive emotions and kindness. Those films are always associated with something pleasant from the past. Spectators made a list of movies they want to see during the screening program. Organizers included “1+1” French comedy.

“They are used to watching such films. Some of them refer to their happy youth and childhood, when everything was great”, - said supervisor of the project Natalia Markova.

The screening is planned to be held on week-ends at least once a month. They are expected to make everyday life of homeless people more interesting and enrichment. It is believed to be innovative method of social support. Over 100 guests are expected to visit the opening night. They will be served hot tea and food in order to create friendly atmosphere.

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