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Chinese search engines have stopped posting ads in the field of crypto-currency

China's social networks are also afraid of censorship.

06.Feb.18 12:03 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Chinese search engines have stopped posting ads in the field of crypto-currency
The Hong Kong media report that advertising in the field of crypto-currency has wholly disappeared from social networks and the leading Internet search engines of China. According to some media reports, censorship of crypto-currency messages began to operate last fall, when the authorities vetoed the Initial Coin Offering. According to, referring to search engines, you can ask for as many words as possible "bitcoin" or "crypto-currency," but in the end, get only articles of journalists on this topic. No ads on the above requests search engines Baidu and Weibo in China do not issue.

It is worth noting that recently the social network Facebook has announced the ban on electronic advertising currencies and initial placements of tokens. The corresponding decision was explained by the desire to protect users of the resource from a vast number of publications, often placed for fraudulent purposes.

Recall, in mid-January, the People's Bank of China announced the need to tighten the terms for mining and entirely prohibit centralized purchase and sale transactions of crypto-currency in the territory of the state.

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