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Chinese search engine Baidu will create a blockchain-protocol

It is assumed that the new protocol will solve the problem of high energy consumption during mining.

04.Jun.18 9:52 PM
By Martin Roads


Chinese search engine Baidu will create a blockchain-protocol
According to the press service of Baidu, the search engine will be developed a new protocol Super Chain. He will solve one of the main problems facing the miner - high energy consumption.

As you know, China - one of the leaders of mining, however, because of high energy consumption, the country's authorities in early 2018 introduced restrictions in the field of cryptocurrency and also began to close crypto farms.

The new Super Chain protocol can bring China ahead of the world in the production of cryptocurrency. It is reported that he will be able to provide support for 100,000 cryptocurrency transactions per second. How long it takes to develop a new protocol is still unknown.

For reference:

Baidu is a Chinese company that provides web services, the main one of which is a search engine with the same name - the leader among Chinese search engines.

Baidu also has an online encyclopedia - Baidu Encyclopedia, Wikipedia-type, and a blockchain photo gallery that was launched in April 2018 and other services.

By the way, on June 2 we wrote that the information project Baidu Baike, or Encyclopedia Baidu, will be translated into the blockchain soon.

As we can see, Baidu has seen the potential in technology and implements it in many of its successful projects. In 2017, Baidu joined the Hyperledger consortium to join forces to develop distributed networks with such giants as Accenture, IBM, JP Morgan, and others.

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