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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Chinese scientists launched a "Blue whale"

Experts have collected the largest floating drilling platform.

05.Mar.17 9:48 PM
By Nikolai Vinogradov


Chinese scientists launched a "Blue whale"
Earlier Chinese media have repeatedly reported the development, and then on the construction of a modern floating platform for drilling. Recently, the Chinese experts at an open press conference announced the commissioning of new floating platform for drilling oil wells, the name of the platform "Blue whale-1". It is symbolic nickname drilling station was in honor of one of the largest mammals on the planet.

Experts reported that the weight of the platform is about forty-two thousand tons, the height of the structure is thirty seven floor house, deck, which is above the water is equal to the size of a football field. The development and construction of the station cost to customers of seven hundred million dollars.

Drilling station capable of reaching depths of over fifteen miles, where the bottom mark is at the level of three and a half miles.

The platform was created to drilling in the waters of the South China sea. The new station will be to develop the oil fields at great depths, explore new territory, to improve and increase production "black gold".

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