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China Will Invest $5 Billion in Russian High-Speed Backbone

Moscow-Kazan backbone is considered by this investment project.

30.Mar.15 2:42 PM
By Abigail Richards


China Will Invest $5 Billion in Russian High-Speed Backbone
Chinese government is planning to invest $5 billion on construction of high-speed backbone that will connect Moscow and Kazan. The information was provided by unofficial source that is close to the offering side.

According to available information Chinese government came up with an offer of creation cooperative project on construction of high-speed backbone. It is also known that offer is considered to be on 50-50 basics. China is ready to invest $1 billion and provide Russian federation with $4 billion credit for 20-year term as a part of future collaboration.

It should also be noted that this topic has already been discussed during closed meeting between representatives of Russian and Chinese government which took place on Hainan Island. Vice-President of the company Alexander Mihsarin also took part in this meeting. He confirmed the fact that Chinese offers cooperative project connected with construction of high-speed backbone. However he did not reveal financial conditions of the deal.

Vice-President of the largest Chinese railway producing companies called China CNR Corp has already shared his interest to this project which is evidence that it is likely to be implemented in the nearest future.

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