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China Needs Everything Produced in Russia

Cooperation between two countries is of great importance.

11.May.15 12:25 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


China Needs Everything Produced in Russia
Director of Prosperity Capital Management Fund in London Martina Sharmua commented meeting of Vladimir Putin with Xi Jinping which has taken place in Moscow. This meeting resulted in signing of many agreements between both countries.

It was noted that in situation when Russia and China become world partners European countries should behave more accurately. Otherwise they can be left without Russian market at all which will be catastrophe for the whole EU.

This is mostly due to the fact that China needs all products which are produced by Russian Federation. On the other hand Chinese producers can also provide Russian consumers with cheap and at the same time high quality products.

According to forecasts made by Sharmua commodity turnover between Russia and Chine can be over $200 billion. This level is easily accessible.

Moreover some Russian experts are also sure that collaboration with China promises to be rather beneficiary especially now when many European companies are eager to leave Russian market without any obvious reasons. They lose not only their profits but also beneficiary partnership.

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