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China lost the role of ICO leader in Singapore and Hong Kong

On the territory of these states, initial placements of tokens are increasingly being conducted.

25.Apr.18 4:09 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


China lost the role of ICO leader in Singapore and Hong Kong

The strict policies of the Chinese authorities, which banned the ICO, forced the company to start looking for countries with a more loyal government. Now, according to the South China Morning Post, primary tokens are increasingly being held in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Referring to the head of the Association of Singapore's cryptocurrency and blockbuster Anson Zilla, the publication writes that increased activity in this sphere was noted just at the time when the leadership of the PRC decided to ban the ICO. The Singapore authorities, on the contrary, expressed a desire to support the block-start-ups, and not to interfere with their activities. At the moment, those wishing to organize the initial placement of tokens in this country will need to register a business on its territory and pay for the services of a lawyer. It is worth noting that the help of a qualified lawyer will cost a lot, according to expert data, it can go and about the amount of about 200 thousand dollars. At the same time, pressing expenses do not frighten entrepreneurs, who are inclined to declare themselves through the ICO. 

Earlier we reported that China would block the work of all crypto-currency services.

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