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China is Ready to Fight for World Peace Back to Back with Russia

Countries need to rally in face of global problems.

07.May.15 2:32 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


China is Ready to Fight for World Peace Back to Back with Russia
Chinese people are ready to fight for world peace back to back with Russia. Such statement was made by Chinese President Xi Jinping who visited the capitol of Russia following the invitation to take part in celebration of 70th anniversary of victory in WWII.

According to available information Xi Jinping said that Russian and Chinese people are truly glorious nations. And both these nations will defend world peace, make their contribution in establishment and development of peace in all parts of the world for the progress if humanity. Moreover conditions for establishing such beneficiary partnership are rather favorable for both of countries.

Chinese political leader also stressed that it is necessary to rally in face of major global problems. They include not only natural disasters and climate changes but also cyber threats and many other problems. Both countries should be ready to lend each other a hand any moment.

At the same time Chinese president asked everyone to remember true history and prevent it from all types of frauds and efforts to distort results of the WWII.

It should also be noted that heads of more than 60 countries have been invited to the Victory’s Day celebration. But less then a half ill show up.

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