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China and Russia plan the post-US Afghanistan future

China and Russia join forces to asses the US withdrawal from Afgahnistan

25.Aug.21 5:14 PM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Reuters


China and Russia plan the post-US Afghanistan future
As America withdraws from Afghanistan, China and Russia talk about the country's future. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping want foreign troops to stay away from Afghanistan and take action against the threat of terrorism and drug trafficking from the country.

According to foreign commentator Bernard Hammelburg, China and Russia want above all to avoid negative effects that can spread to them. 'They don't want terrorism and drugs from Afghanistan.'The drug trade that comes from the country is mainly due to the rich poppy production in the country. 'It is the largest producer of poppy, so opium', according to Hammelburg.

In order to counter the possible problems, Russia and China may want to recognise the forthcoming Taliban government. In addition, China is particularly concerned that the Regime was inspired by the actions of the Taliban. Xinjiang, the area where the Uyghurs are located, borders Afghanistan. 'It is an understandable fear of China. This kind of fear also applies to Russia. All the former Soviet republics surrounding Afghanistan are all Muslim countries. They are terrified of a development like that of Chechnya. That the Taliban becomes a kind of inspiration for the Muslim resistance movement in the Caucasus.'

However, Hammelburg sees little threat. 'I don't think the Taliban are planning to do that. But these are the main reasons for China and Russia to join forces.'

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