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Chemist from Novosibirsk will be awarded for Recover DNA Mistakes

Scientist deals with researches that will make it possible to treat cancer which is one of the most fatal diseases nowadays.

12.Feb.15 10:59 AM
By Anna Nerkasova


Chemist from Novosibirsk will be awarded for Recover DNA Mistakes
Nikita Kuznetsov from Novosibirsk is a scientist in Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine Institute. Yesterday he got the President Award for his achievements in scientific and research work. He found it possible to correct mistakes of damaged DNA which will finally lead to creation of cure from cancer.

It is commonly known the DNA molecules contain genetic information and data. However these molecules can receive various damages during humanís life. As a rule those damages can occur due to negative impact of UV and radioactive radiation as well as chemical pollutions. It means that our environment has permanent negative influence ion DNA due to exhausts, sun rays, flights, X-rays, etc.

The main idea of scientistís research work is to recover damaged DNA molecules with the help of repair enzymes system. Obtained knowledge and results will make it possible to activate this repairing system in advance which will protect DNA molecules from negative effect of the environment.

At the same time this research will help to develop cure against cancer. However in this case the process is vice versa. It is necessary to understand hot to damage DNA tumor cells.

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