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Chelyabinsk neurosurgeons have learned to deliver the people from back pain

This helps specialists electrodes.

23.Dec.15 1:56 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Chelyabinsk neurosurgeons have learned to deliver the people from back pain
According to local media, the neurosurgeons from Chelyabinsk found a way to treat back pain, and in this they are helped electrodes.

It is known that relieves the patient from back pain specialists helps innovative method, which involves implanting electrodes in the back connected to the neurostimulator, introduced by a conventional needle.

According scientists in the electrodes generate an electromagnetic field which blocks pain impulse coming into the brain, causing the pain goes away. And interestingly enough, after disconnecting the stimulants do not come back, patients forget about it for at least nine years, so much, according to scientists, can operate this system.

It is known that the Chelyabinsk scientists presented the system, among other things allows you more control and the production of endorphins - hormones that significantly improve mood and produce analgesic effect.

According to scientists, this method of treatment is especially suitable for patients with chronic pain that is not amenable to traditional treatment methods.

It is worth noting that while the developed system is being tested, but in the near future it will be used.

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